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All New Garden Patio Design & Installation Course

Here at the Hard Landscape Training Group, we’re delighted to announce our new garden patio design & installation course to bolster our growing range of hard landscaping training programmes. Designing and installing a beautiful garden patio requires much more than simply laying down a few paving stones. Homeowners have become accustomed to a wide variety of material and design choices, so it’s essential that pavers and landscaping firms keep themselves abreast of relevant industry trends in order to stand out from the competition.

The course will focus upon garden patio designs as well as their practical applications, and as such will imbue all attendees with the skills and confidence to enable them to design and install amazing garden patios for their clients. We’ve developed the course by closely working with industry leading firms – JD Home Improvements – Driveways, a hugely experienced firm with decades of garden patio industry experience, were extremely helpful in helping us to review our course materials and practical assessments, special mention for help designing the ocurse also to

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The garden patio design and installation course will cost £219.99 plus VAT per person, and will feature the instruction of experienced design professionals as well as hugely experienced installation professionals. There are group discounts available for five or more persons, please contact us for additional information.

Where are the Courses Held?

We have two training centres in order to cater for all firms. Our flagship training centre in the North West is in Manchester, conveniently located close to the railway station and easily accessible via various motorways. Our second training centre is more easily accessible for Southern customers and is in London.


Course Certifications

At the end of the course, all successful students will receive an official certificate of completion to demonstrate their achievement and a copy of a full training manual to refer to as a refresher. We also provide an ongoing training helpline which is covered by the cost of the course so if you’re unsure about any aspects of our training we will be on hand to provide assistance for a 6 month period. We do offer an extended assistance package, but to date this has never been requested following completion of our courses.

Get in Touch

To book your place on our garden patio design and installation course, or to book on behalf of your staff members then contact our team today to discuss enrolment, or a group discount if applicable.




Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Training Courses

The Hard Landscape Training Group now offer resin bound and resin bonded training courses to contractors looking to add this material into their service offerings and newcomers to the industry hoping to work with this relatively new material to the UK market. All people attending the resin installation course receives full hands-on application training sessions and will learn every trick of the trade there is when it comes to surfacing driveways and patio areas with resin.

Upin course completion you will have all the skills and knowledge required to install resin surfacing to the highest of industry standards. If your interested in this course contact the Hard Landscape Training group today for more information and booking details.

Resin Driveway installation Course Locations

Courses are held in 2 locations, in the North West we have a centre in Manchester, easily accesible by most major motorway networks and trains, the course in Manchester runs the first Wednesday and the Last Thursday of every month for 2017 and 2018, if you would like to book onto this resin driveway installation course please contact our team. Our course in the South is Held in London on the same days, the first Wednesday and the Last Thursday of every month. The course is very hands on and you’ll be mixing and laying resin yourself under instruction from our experienced instructors.

Upon Completion of the Resin Driveway Installation Course:

At the end of the course you will receieve a certificate of completion and a full resin training manual consisting of over 30 pages which you can take away with you for future reference and for the 6 months post course completion you’ll be able to contact our office by phone or email with any questions or queries so if you get stuck on a job for instance were only a phone call away, this is provided as part of the course costs, after 6 months we can offer continued support if needed at a monthly fee but to date no student who has attended has ever needed to do so.

The Cost of the Resin Course

The cost of the course is £199.99 plus VAT per person. We do offer discounts for groups of 5 or more students, please contact us for group bookings.


“Hi, Nick here at Manchester Driveways Ltd, just a quick note to say thanks so much for the course, resin drives have become a hige part of my business this last few months and thanks to yoru training I beleeive I offer the best resin drives in my area!”

“Arthur here at AD & Sons Home Improvements, huge thanks to the Hard Landscae Training Group for the very thorough course and ongoing support, course was very helpful and I am now confident offering resin driveways to my customers, highly reccomended the course is extrmely thorough and covers all bases”

Hard Landscape Training For Greene Haven Gardens

hard landscape training for greene haven garden company wirralWe are proud to announce successful completion of training for Green Haven Garden Company, a long established garden maintenance company based in Wirral who, due to huge demand for driveway and patio installations needed a trusted supplier of hard landscape training to ensure they could offer their clients the highest quality installations. They choose our services because they are aware of our track record in offering landscape training to companies throughout the UK. We have been in business for over a decade and understand the market needs in the landscape market in UK.

The training Course for Hard Landscaping

The training was done using our very well developed and detailed curriculum both through verbal and written communnication and “on the job” practical works. Our curriculum is tried, tested and works, any budding hard landscaper who undertakes one of our courses will complete the course fully adept in hard landscape design and installation. It also encompasses new technologies and methods because there are constant improvements in the landscaping field. Three modules were used in the training and it took a total of one month to complete the course. The first module deals with planning. Here the trainees are put through how to plan a project be it a residential or a commercial project. Planning involves a lot and determines what block paving and flagging will be done on the patio or driveway. What is the use of the surface to be worked on? What material or combinations of materials will be used on the  project? What of the color? Planning also includes surveying the area to be worked on.

Hard Landscape Training Module 2

After the first module the second one involves preparing the bedding area where the block paving or flagging will be done. Preparation of the bed is really imperative because it determines how well the block paving will hold. It also determines how best the surface can handle the functions it is being meant for. For a driveway with heavy vehicles running on it the bedding has to be firm. There are two bedding methods taught in this module. One is the direct bedding method and the other is the indirect bedding method. The trainees are put through both methods in detail and by the end they can be able to determine what method best suits a project. The third module was on laying the flag or block paving. This is the last step that determines what the client and the public see of the project undertaken. Here the trainees are put through how to lay the blocks, patterns to use, how to joint and so much more.

Ongoing support From our Landscape Team

At Hard Landscape Training Group we do not stop just at training. We continue to offer support to our trainees included int he price of the course for 12 months, if a trainee needs assistance on aproject, soem guidance or advice we are only ever a phone call away during business hours. The directors of Green Haven Garden Company have fulltime access to our support team who can answer their questions on the projects they are undertaking. We wish Greene Haven Garden Co all the best in their new garden landscaping venture!

If you wish to enquire about one of our hard landscape training courses please contact our team today!

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